Health & Beauty

As a fully-integrated health & beauty PR agency, at Brandnation, we have a second to none, bespoke health and beauty influencer database of over 5,000 carefully curated and managed contacts. These we work with on a daily basis on client campaigns according to the match between brand and influencer. Many of our client campaigns have been hugely successful in generating brand buzz, credibility, interaction, authentic content, and, of course, sales. With our fully-integrated health and beauty PR teams, our beauty PR and influencer out-reach is second-to-none.

Our health & beauty PR agency campaigns cover major social stars and celebrities, including @ritaora and @kazcrossley within health and beauty for whom we handle all negotiations and contracts as well as those that are unpaid utilising brand empathy as well as engaging with extensive networks of micro-influencers. Take a look at some of our case studies and get in touch so we can talk through how we might add some influence to your brand.