Day in the life of a PR pro

by Helena Stevens


So, you’re interested in starting a career in public relations, but not sure what PR involves? Public relations, AKA ‘PR’ entails promoting a brand or person, usually through earned media coverage in magazines, newspapers, online outlets, TV and radio. As a PR Pro in a London agency, I spend my time pitching to and building relationships with journalists, to achieve coverage for my clients which spans the fashion, fitness and beauty sectors. 


To be a great PR, you need:

  • First-class written and communication skills
  • Creativity
  • Self-drive and determination
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Enthusiasm
  • The ability to prioritise and plan effectively


Think you’d make a good PR? Here is what my day-to-day life as a PR Pro looks like:


6 am – Virtual Sun Rise


My Lumee alarm clock goes off and lights up my room – it’s time to wake up for a jam-packed day ahead. I have a magazine ready on my phone to read on my commute into central London. 


6.30 am

 I head to a gym class with my colleague for a challenging cardio workout.


8 am 

Post-workout, it’s time to get ready for work, first off I’m off to a press breakfast with my colleague to meet a journalist.


9 am – Pancake Time!

It’s time for a press breakfast meeting with a journalist from Tatler and my colleague. We head to the Ivy and I can’t help but choose pancakes on the menu…my all-time favourite for breakfast! It’s my first time meeting this journalist, so it’s great to put a face to the name and build a relationship with her. I usually go on average 3-4 press breakfasts per month as they are key to building relationships with journalists. 


10 am – The Madness Begins


It is all a go as soon as I start my working day, for my first hour I usually check for any coverage from my clients which has come out in the past 24 hours. Today I found some great coverage I’ve been waiting to come out in Sheer Luxe, so I clip, file and send it to my client. I also respond to emails and check my assigned papers for the week. This week I was assigned to check Stylist, Independent and Evening Standard for any coverage opportunities, new pitching angles or coverage for our clients. Our PR team have two meetings a week to catch up on our papers and discuss anything that’s been trending in the news agenda and flag any opportunities for our clients. 


11 am 

After a quick cuppa, it’s time to start pitching to my journalist contacts.


12 pm

It’s the end of my assigned pitching time, which means I have some extra time to answer any emails to journalists and my clients and send out any product requested by a journalist.

Lunch O’Clock


1 pm 

I head out of the office to stretch my legs and get some fresh air and much-needed sunshine. On the menu for lunch, today was some pasta from Borough Market down the road. I feel so lucky to have such a foodie destination on my doorstep.


2 pm 

It’s pitching time again, so I get my head down and pitch to my journalist contacts. 


3 pm – Meetings

Time for a client meeting to catch up on the latest offers, launches and upcoming planned coverage. 


3.30 pm 

Time to get my creative juices flowing as I host a brainstorming session with some of my colleagues for a new client campaign. 


4 pm

Time to continue pitching to journalists. I also do follow-up emails.


5 pm

I leave the office and set off to News HQ to meet one of my clients. Today marks the launch day of their new campaign, so I’m accompanying my client and one of the judges for the campaign on Talk TV – a live TV and radio show!


6 pm

Time to head home and cook some dinner and chill, ready to do it all over again tomorrow! I finish the day as I started, reading the news and magazines on my phone on the commute home, identifying any trends, industry news and opportunities for my clients from the day.


I get home feeling tired but happy at how the day went. I can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow, smashing it as another day as a PR Pro. Every day is different, so I wonder what will be in store tomorrow…

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