It’s time for brands to be BeReal

by Brandnation

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How real can it really be? 


The popularity of this photo-sharing app propelled over the summer and has now been installed over 28 million times! BeReal is all about keeping it real, naturally, with no filters allowed. The app showcases an unfiltered, ‘real’, version of everyday life, championing in-the-moment publishing, therefore, it comes as no surprise that with its surge in users, brands are finding their way onto the trending platform. 

How does BeReal work? 


Users get one notification a day telling them to take a picture and they then have within two minutes to share with their friends, leaving no time for filters! Users are encouraged to take in-the-moment content, that can be shared with friends or within the ‘Discovery’ section of the app.  

How can brands be successful on BeReal? 


Despite advertising restrictions, early adopters include the likes of Love Island, Chipotle and L’Oreal Group, sharing their behind-the-scenes snaps in real-time. BeReal has provided brands with a better way to authentically connect with their loyal consumers without paying to play. The appetite for authentic content is growing and brands can be successful on the platform if they create authentic content suited to its audience, one-size doesn’t fit all when it comes to social media marketing. 


The app allows for genuine, authentic content that users can trust. Marketeers no longer need to spend hours on the curation and scheduling of content, content strategy as creative ideas take centre stage, and these are prioritised over content aesthetic and look and feel.  


Popular amongst Gen Z, the authenticity of the app allows users to form genuine connections with their friends, which hasn’t yet been over-ruled by algorithms and paid promotions.  

How are other platforms responding to BeReal?  


TikTok has launched ‘TikTok Now’, the newest way to share authentic moments, inviting friends to snap in-the-moment static and video content through a daily prompt. 


In response to the growing popularity of BeReal, Instagram’s latest feature, Dual, allows users to use both the front and back cameras to capture content at the same time. The newest feature is great for capturing the moment and the user’s reaction in real-time. 

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