A Grand Day Out for American Golf at The Belfry

The Belfry, the world-famous championship golf course provided a beautiful backdrop to last week’s successful American Golf event – a celebration of all things golf.

As the sport gears up for its showcase competition, the Ryder Cup, everyone from media to golf course owners gathered for a common cause, to promote the image of the game and share American Golf’s vision for greater participation.

The event highlighted the reasons why millions of us pick up clubs and tee off every year. From the incredible talent of youngsters in the National 9 Hole Junior Championships to inspirational stories of the beneficiaries of the On Course Foundation (a charity dedicated to helping injured military service men and women gain access to the golf industry), the event demonstrated golf’s accessibility and inclusivity.

It’s easy to understand the appeal of golf, the breath-taking scenery, the social experience, competitiveness, the mental test, and ever-changing conditions. Together, these factors make a fascinating proposition, one that consumes players for decade after decade.

And grassroots golf has born heroes who provided inspiration across generations, from the grainy black and white images of three-time Open winner Henry Cotton to the meteoric rise of Rory McIlroy.

Our advice to you is to just give it a go. The golf community is a welcoming one and one who wants to see their beloved game grow.

Luckily, our client American Golf is making it easier than ever for you to try the sport. Brandnation is delighted to be working with Europe’s number one golf retailer to launch a series of free golf initiatives.

In 2017 there’ll be no excuse not to head to your local store for a lesson or club for a round of golf. The golf bug is coming for you, FORE!

Photos top to bottom: James from Brandnation, Kevin Commins and Thomas Muldoon with their 9 Hole Championship trophy, The Belfry, golfers celebrating wins on the day


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