A Sprint Finish For Odlo Run Club

After 12 weeks of running through some of London’s most picturesque locations, Brandnation’s Team Sport can enjoy a well-earned rest as Odlo’s run club sadly comes to an end. 

The summer running club was a partnership between Oldo and the Running Bug, an online forum that allows sport enthusiasts to find fitness groups local to them. As well as being hosts to members of the public, Odlo also welcomed press to the club, including; Coach, Shortlist and Men’s Health.

With free memberships and expert coaching, Odlo ensured that their club was accessible to all ages and abilities. Runners were able to choose between a 5K and 8K route, each of which they could tackle at their own pace alongside the guidance of the helpful coaches. Recognising the benefits of mixing up a workout routine, Odlo run club offered interval training sessions as well as distance circuits.  

As an additional incentive, Odlo provided exclusive goody bags for the first 20 people to arrive at the weekly meeting point. The Odlo run club served to be a great source of motivation as it quickly developed into a welcoming community of running enthusiasts, with those wanting to progress their fitness abilities sharing tips with others, seeking advice from peers and gaining inspiration from others.

This summer’s Odlo run club has been a huge success, with members crossing the 12-week finish line with a spring in their step and some superb accomplishments under their belt. We can’t wait for summer 2017!




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