Bellum Active 5K Breakfast Run to Celebrate National Fitness Day

Happy National Fitness Day!

To celebrate, Brandnation’s Sport PR and Social Media teams hosted a group of journalists and health and fitness influencers on a breakfast run to test out Bellum Active’s new Diamond Luxe collection.

Dressed head-to-toe in Bellum Active’s stunning turquoise and grey tights and crops, we beat the sunrise with a 7am start along The Thames from Brandnation’s HQ in Bankside. 

The runners made plenty of stops in front of London landmarks including St Pauls, the London Eye and Big Ben which proved to be perfect social media opportunity - helped by Bellum Active’s bold prints against London’s misty autumn morning backdrop.  

Bellum Active was founded by Jodi Kerschl, whose passion for sport and fashion led her to create a fitness collection packed with performance qualities whilst embracing catwalk style. 

Jodi uses 2-way stretch superior Italian fabrics which were picked up by all attendees of the breakfast run who commented on how “flattering” and “supportive” they found the kit. 

Following a steady 5K run at conversational pace, guests refuelled on barista coffee in Bellum Active branded cups and enjoyed a well-earned selection of pastries. 

As well as pushing Bellum Active’s social media account @Bellum_Active, Brandnation’s Sport and Social Media teams also promoted the brand's special discount code to mark National Fitness Day - along with the hashtag #NationalFitnessDay.

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