Brandnation Launches MEC Wavemaker into 10 markets

Brandnation’s Digital Team has successfully launched a network of microsites hosting information on the new content specialist division of client MEC in a timed release schedule. Launch success relied on making the MEC Wavemaker content available in line with individual local market embargoes and press release dissemination.

Adhering to a strict global schedule our team coordinated and delivered content across 30 new MEC Wavemaker domains linking or redirecting into individual local market sites.

All of this was possible due to consolidated website engine Brandnation operates for MEC. Working off a single source we are able to service 25 markets allowing rapid cross market feature development and deployment for the entire MEC websites network. This setup is extremely cost effective, as features commissioned by one market are instantly available to all sites. Additionally it allows enough flexibility for each territory to showcase their unique selling points and stand out.

MEC Wavemaker initially launched in 10 markets, including the UK, USA, The Netherlands, Mexico, Australia, India, Poland, Middle East, Singapore and Germany, with a further 20 planned to launch in 2016.


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