Brandnation’s Beauty PR Team and Wiley’s Finest “Climb The Peak Of Health”

On 20th June Brandnation’s Health & Beauty PR team invited leading health journalists to the UK launch of Wiley’s Finest Wild Alaskan Fish Oil Vitamin K2 supplement.

The new Vitamin K2 supplement combines concentrated EPA and DHA Omega-3 with another scientifically validated ingredient - MenaQ7® Vitamin K2. This clinically proven and patented form of Vitamin K2 is the first and only to be recognised in human clinical trials to support bone and cardiovascular health. Wiley’s FinestTM K2 supplement is also the first in the world to combine K2 and Omega-3.

The launch of such an innovative product in the Pharmaceutical industry required a venue of great impact. Brandnation chose to host the intimate press breakfast at The Duck & Waffle in London’s highest private dining room. A delicious buffet breakfast was served down the centre of the table as press were introduced to the CEO of the brand, Sam Wiley, and given an overview of the background of the company, the product range and the sustainability of the products.

To educate the attendees specifically on the benefits of Vitamin K2 was Dr. Katarzyna Maresz, the president and scientific coordinator of International Science and Health Foundation who was available to answer questions throughout the morning.

Goodie bags were provided containing the product, press release, Wiley's Finest K2, a selection of Wiley's Finest products, brochures on K2 and Wiley's Finest, and products and information provided by Nattopharma.

Thank you to the following titles that helped us celebrate the launching of the last identified missing nutrient: Daily Mail, Daily Express, Notebook. Daily Mirror, heat, star, Woman, Woman’s Own, new!


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