Brandnation's Sports PR Team Bag Munros For Merrell

Taking on the Scottish Highlands, Brandnation's Sports PR agency team partnered up with Merrell to help selected Press bag some Munros.


The Art Of Munro Bagging...

 Munro bagging? What's all that about?


For those into their walking, the term will be a familiar one. A Munro is a mountain in Scotland that stands over 3,000ft tall. Originally chartered in 1891 by Sir Hugh Munro, there are a total of 282 Munro dotted across the wild Scottish landscape.


Although Sir Hugh never managed to summit every Munro, today, over 6,000 keen hill walkers from the UK and beyond have peaked all 282 - becoming what is known as a Munroist or compleatist. The record for summiting every Munro was set in 2010 when fell runner Stephen Pyke bagged them all in a breathtaking 39 days and nine hours.


Having heard reports that Munro bagging was addictive in nature, Brandnation and Merrell wanted to explore the world of this interesting hobby.


Brandnation Gets Sidetracked..

Following a content partnership with Sidetracked on the same topic, Brandnation developed a press experiential for Merrell centred around Munro bagging to support the launch of their latest hiker, the Merrell MQM Flex.


Hosting five media hungry for adventure, Brandnation's Sports PR agency team partnered with Mountaineering Scotland member and compleatist Heather Morning to lead the group on a Munro bagging tour in the stunning Cairngorms.


During the press trip attendees that included Huck and Adventure Travel climbed Ben Macdhui and Cairngorm - the second and sixth highest mountains in the UK respectively - for a challenging and authentic Munro bagging experience.


The Merrell MQM Flex

 The trip enabled Brandnation and Merrell to showcase the Merrell MQM Flex - which stands for Moving Quickly in the Mountains - in the environment it was designed for, to great effect.


Brandnation has a long history of executing brand experiential events that help deliver a strong campaign message as well as helping trial new product launches. For more information on what Brandnation can do to accelerate your brand contact us via email at or by phone at 020 7940 7170.


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