Building Your Brand Influence…

There’s a lot of buzz about the use of influencers in PR and communications at the present time but influencer driven marketing and PR is nothing new to Brandnation as we pioneered the concept over 10 years ago for challenger sports, beauty and fashion brands such as ASICS, Salomon, Barry M and Pretty Polly, and in the years since have perfected the art of generating significant ROI from the targeted use of brand influencers whether they be celebrities, brand ambassadors, industry experts, bloggers, stylists or just high profile individuals.

There’s no doubt that influencer supported campaigns can be highly effective and generate significant ROI when the right influencers are sourced, the correct deals negotiated and campaigns managed effectively. There are always things that can go wrong and good relationship management is essential which is why with all ours years of experience Brandnation is best placed to create influencer programmes on our clients’ behalf. Ensuring all elements of each campaign and relationship are fully utilised and maximised to generate optimum levels of traction across media and social media channels.

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