Five Things To Expect From Digital In 2017


With video powering through 2016, live video will take over the surge to the top of the pile in 2017. Brands are launching products, tutorials are being shared and sneak previews are teasing consumers via Facebook Live and the new Instagram Live feature. This interaction with the audience increases engagement and is also allowing brands to place themselves as industry innovator; a place where consumers come not just for products, but also for tips, tutorials and news.


Blog writing will add another dimension to your brand, giving you the potential to promote your products in a captivating story. Making the copy relatable, on-brand and written from a clear viewpoint allows the consumer to engage with the story, making the product more appealing. Regular blog posts offering advice and tips will keep consumers coming back to the brand not just for the products, but for the lifestyle story of the brand and will increase exposure and engagement.


Instagram is becoming your favourite shop window. With the platform trialling their new ‘tap to view’ feature and many users now linking to their own version of an Instagram shop, at the end of 2016, it won’t be long before Instagram users can see a product in an image, tap the screen and be directed straight to the brand’s website to buy the product. This will immediately give brands the platform to direct traffic from their social media account to their website and increase sales and ultimately ROI. This new feature makes Instagram a virtual necessity for brands.


The future is green in 2017. Named as the colour of the year by Pantone, it’s expected to be everywhere this year. Inspired by its refreshing, revitalising shade, 2017 is seen as the year for new beginnings. It reflects the need to connect with and protect nature and will be seen throughout websites and designs, aiming to provide reassurance through tumultuous times.


Micro-influencers are taking over, one Instagram post at a time. With smaller, more niche followings, engagement rates are far higher on their posts. Consumers see them as more genuine than celebrity influencers and are more likely to engage due to their legitimate interest in the content that the micro-influencers produce. Celebrity followings are likely to have a broader range of interests; therefore, investing in 10 micro-influencers, compared to one major influencer is far more beneficial.

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