Health and Beauty PR: Press Event - Join the Revolupin!

Brandnation’s Health and Beauty PR agency team has welcomed Revolupin to its client portfolio. Revolupin is a brand new brand, set up to sell and promote lupin flakes - the new high protein, high fibre superfood set to make a big impression on the UK market. Brandnation's integrated PR and marketing brief included designing and building the Revolupin website, creating all the promotional print material (including a recipe book and show stand), producing a video animation as well as managing all launch PR and social media activity.


What is This Latest Superfood?

We all know about the benefits of quinoa, chia seeds and soy, but how about a superfood that combines multiple health benefits into one? This is where lupin flakes fit in - harvested from the Australian sweet lupin, lupin flakes combine super-high levels of protein together with fibre and minerals in a vegan, no GM -friendly package. What's more, lupin flakes are easy to add to a wide variety of delicious sweet and savoury dishes - anyone for lupin pancakes, lupinola or falafels?


A Breakfast to Remember

To launch Revolupin Lupin Flakes  to the health conscious UK market, Brandnation hosted an informative breakfast at the Good Housekeeping Institute. Present was Revolupin co-founder and Chief Scientist, Sofi Sispa all the way from sunny Australia to prepare a super-boosting, lupin-based breakfast for selected media and influencers, together with a delicious lunch to take away. Sofi also demonstrated recipes ranging from porridge to grain salads and brilliant, healthy cakes, snacks and desserts including lupin banana cake and Anzac cookies. It was a really tasty and informative way to start the day for those attending - with plenty of food for thought!


Nutrient Rich and Tasty Too!

Hailing from the same family as chickpeas and lentils, lupins aare tasty little legumes with a delicious subtle flavour making them the healthy, tasty alternative to glutinous grains like wheat, rye and barley or high carb grains like rice and quinoa. They also contain minerals, including potassium (three times more than bananas), magnesium (two times more than spinach) and iron.

Lupins are also gluten free, and the protein content is a whopping 40%, which is three more than whole eggs and three times more than quinoa. Lupin also contains 37% dietary fibre which is three times more than oats whilst only having a 4% carbohydrate content.

Revolupin Lupin Flakes are a super-versatile,cooking ingredient that is ideal to add to all sorts of sweet and savoury recipes and will feed you from breakfast to dinner! Check out some of the amazing recipes here. Good things come in small flakes, and Revolupin are here to change the world one flake at a time!

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