Silhouette Launches Atelier

Silhouette’s new range launching in September 2016, is an expression of timeless elegance, showcased by precious gems, materials and exquisite craftsmanship.

Each rimless frame in the collection is handcrafted and totally unique. The Atelier range is made from precious materials including 18-carat solid yellow, white and rose gold that can be polished or brushed for a lustrous finish. Hand selected, exquisite stones such as diamonds, rubies and blue and pink cabochon-cut sapphires are used as elegant decorative elements on selected Atelier models. All frames are customised, based on the wearers’ preference.

The Atelier range is all about bespoke luxury, achieved with bespoke lens shapes; graceful for women and a highly refined look for men. Silhouette believes lens shapes express the unique personality of the wearer and with Atelier, there is an array of opportunities to create a personal piece of jewellery.

Silhouette’s Atelier Collection follows in the tradition of craftsmanship, creating timeless, bespoke eyewear personally created for the wearer. Elegantly designed down to the last detail, the Atelier range incorporates state of the art precision manufacturing and time-honoured artisan techniques to produce beautiful, high end masterpieces.



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