Social Media Agency Update - Why Instagram has Become the Biggest Business Search Platform

These days, new business employees, business partnerships and consumers are more than likely to turn to the social platform, Instagram for researching a new brand or company instead of using a google search. This has resulted in Instagram becoming the people’s very own homepage. When originally creating your business’s website, your goal was to entice visitors hoping they would turn into customers. The same goal applies to your Instagram feed, you want to convert visitors into followers. But how can you optimise your Instagram profile so that it showcases you and your business in the right way? We outline some of the options below in our Instagram Social Media agency update.


Remember all those hours spent creating the perfect website, ensuring all the landing pages are perfect, agonising over the copy and ensuring the tone of voice is perfect, checking that you have selected the right images and assets so that your appearance replicates your business completely?  Well, exactly the same effort and patience should go into creating your Instagram profile.


Instagram is quickly becoming one of the most important communication and branding platforms for businesses, so now is a great time to start optimising your news feed and profile to gear up for more sales, awareness and followers. Being the most visually pleasing social platform, Instagram is an extremely popular search engine amongst millennials who will look for attractive and appealing images and will follow you based on your relevance and current follow count.


In many ways, searching for a person or a business on social media instead of Google feels more authentic, as you have raw and original content instead of marketing material lifted straight from a website. The ease of looking at tagged photos and the location of the business and what it is trying to sell helps future customers see your business through the eyes of a consumer.


This is why it is extremely important to have a consistent and organic aesthetic with a complete profile. Your current followers may never go back and look at your feed (unless asked to do so), but your future followers will see your profile - this is your one and only chance to convince them as to why they should follow you and spend time looking at your page.


Ways in which to optimise your profile to gain more followers

When new visitors come to your website they want to find out as much as possible about you without having to scroll through a number of pages. All this information should be found in the top half of your landing page also known as “above the fold”. Instagram is a beautiful platform because it is visually pleasing, brief and to the point and has created each profile page with all the important information at the top of the profile. This platform was designed to encourage its users to scroll and so the importance of content being relevant is key.


Another positive thing about your Instagram profile page is the character limit in the bio. This means you have limited space to sell yourself but equally, you can convey to your audience what your business actually stands for in the quickest way possible. When it comes to writing your Instagram bio, don’t make it all about yourself, focus on the audience you are trying to capture and think about how you want your profile to inspire your future audience.


If your business offers a service instead of a product, use your Instagram bio to give your audience everything they need to know, including how to contact you and a link to your website. This is where you can hone in on the consumer audience that you want to attract and reach out to.


As with your website, your profile should have a call to action, i.e.: Show now, buy now, see more here! What are you trying to achieve with your Instagram page? Do you want your audience to be able to shop your feed or do you want them to sign up to your mailing list? These call to actions need to be carefully thought out and placed within your bio.


When it comes to the link in the bio, treat it as your main call to action on your website - you should also tell them what the link is. For example: Shop the latest collection by clicking the link in the bio or Follow the link in the bio for the delicious recipe. This clarifies to your audience what they will come across when clicking the link.


How to optimise using Instagram stories and highlights

In 2017 a new feature on Instagram allowed you to archive your stories on your Instagram profile. This essentially is a powerful and creative way for your business to tell your own unique and individual story. This can help generate more followers and make more sales.


Each Instagram highlight can replicate the different categories that you may have on your website. For example, if you have an online store, your highlights can be “shoes” “tops” “bottoms” etc. If your website offers a service you can create different pages for these services. Each highlight should, in turn, be a marketing video advertising what you are selling.


Another way to expand on what your business does is to add an “About” highlight and be completely creative with this category. In just a few seconds you are able to convey who you are, what you do, why you do it and have the chance to expand with all contact and location details that you couldn’t fit into your bio.


How do you want your page to look?

This is a very important aspect to consider when first creating your Instagram page. Your aesthetic is the first chance to make a good impression on your current and potential followers. Everything about your news feed should reflect your brand and how you want your consumer to feel when visiting your page. If you have brand colours and themes this is your chance to be creative with it. It also gives your current followers brand recognition and a sense of comfort. The important thing is, once you’ve picked an aesthetic, be it colourful, monochrome, soft colours etc, stick to it. You want to have consistency running throughout all your social channels and website so that people recognise your brand. The same goes for the images that you use, make sure they have the same filter and you use the same editing process.


Instagram also allows you to archive your images or posts that no longer fit with your aesthetic or the photos that you really wanted to post but don’t want sitting on your feed for a long time, for example, an original image that no longer goes with your feed’s aesthetic. You are able to hide or unhide your images for as long as you want without losing the comments, likes, or it affecting your analytics.


Remember, Instagram is just as important as your website, so take as much time and consideration creating your page and make sure it keeps in line with what your brand stands for and what it looks like. Instagram is the new Google search!


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