HiiTing The Ground Running with Merrell

Brandnation’s Sport PR team were responsible for taking client Merrell’s Nature’s Gym campaign theme into the heart of the City, via a special Merrell hosted HIIT Parkour session organised in conjunction with Merrell’s new fitness partner Our Parks.

A high intensity session took place in Potters Field Park which put selected journalists, bloggers and influencers through their paces ditching the usual indoor gym equipment in favour of the available benches, trees, walls and other materials that make up our every day urban surroundings.

Attendees included journalists from The Guardian, Men's Health and Health & Fitness and all were coached by Our Parks instructors in the art of free running or Parkour. Urged on by the highly experienced instructors those present quickly moved out of their usual fitness comfort zones and came to fully embrace the feeling of freedom that comes from the many free running moves and actions designed to facilitate quick and hopefully graceful movement across any urban terrain.

Outdoors brand and long standing Brandnation Sport PR team client, Merrell, recognises the proven health benefits of exercise in Nature’s Gym, and has crafted its collections around the gear you need to express yourself and enjoy activities in the great outdoors, whether in an urban or more rural context.

This summer, Brandnation’s Sport PR team launched the Bare Access Flex, a running shoe designed to provide ultimate versatility, comfort and ground connection on the trail and road. 
All activity relating to this launch is being amplified across both Merrell and Our Parks’ social media channels, capturing active people enjoying outdoor exercise using #NaturesGym.

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