Sports PR: Taking Influencer Marketing To New Heights

Introducing the Merrell Collective

There’s no doubt that our urge for adventure and our connection to nature is innate. If you need evidence, it's clearly demonstrated through the eyes of the new Merrell Collective. The brainchild of the Merrell marketing team and the Brandnation Sports PR team and it’s proving a sure fire way to nail influencer marketing.


We’ve recruited a group of dedicated outdoors people who prefer being outside. Content creators in their own right, these influencers genuinely influence. From adventure photographers to health and fitness coaches, the Merrell Collective communicates a love and passion for the outdoors that is truly authentic.


What's more influential than seeing somebody doing and experiencing what they love? We can all identify with this. The Collective are people who live for their next adventure, whether it's bagging their next Munro or embarking on an international expedition, they're all connected by this common trait.


Handpicked by Brandnation, the Collective provides Merrell with a raft of benefits that ripple through the client's digital marketing and beyond. From creating breathtaking content that's utilised across brand channels, to providing valuable product feedback that helps inform future product development, this influencer marketing strategy is already adding real value to Merrell.


You can discover the Merrell Collective at


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