Sports PR - Wiggle Takes on Ocean Plastic

Brandnation's Sports PR agency team teamed up with Wiggle and Adidas x Parley to help Wiggle’s Portsmouth-based staff carry out an organised beach clean on Southsea Beach, alongside eco-conscious influencers: Lizzie Outside, The Strength Temple, Sophie Hellyer, Kim Hartwell, Elle Linton and Jack Atkinson.

Guided by local community beach clean group, The Final Straw Solent, over 40 Wiggle staff took to the pebbles to do their bit to tackle the plastic waste on their local shores. Plastic food wrappers, bottles, cigarette butts and lighters, cutlery and even tooth brushes were all collected throughout the course of the afternoon.


Adidas Parley Range

Members of staff from Wiggle and Adidas spoke with both press and influencers about how the Adidas Parley range - stocked on Wiggle - prevents plastic waste entering the oceans. They instead transform the plastic into high-performance sportswear like the Adidas Parley Ultra Boost trainers worn on the day. All involved were impressed that a grand total of 11 plastic bottles are used to fabricate each pair of Parley trainers.

Engaging local media and working with influencers like Lizzie Outside, kitted out in the Parley range, provided the perfect platform to generate engaging content for Wiggle’s social channels to emphasise their commitment to working with Adidas X Parley and preventing plastic entering our oceans.


Environmentally Aware Customers

As a multi-sport retailer with categories including swim and triathlon, Wiggle’s customer base is concerned with the state of the oceans they enjoy using. In working with environmentally aware influencers, Brandnation was able to curate evergreen content for use on Wiggle’s and the influencer’s social channels which reflect the brand’s ethos and customer interests too, all while engaging Wiggle staff in cleaning the coastline and having a meaningful impact.

Brandnation has a long history of collaborating with social media influencers to deliver impactful content to further your brand’s message. For more information on what Brandnation can do to accelerate your brand, contact us via email at or by phone at 020 7940 7170.


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