Starting the day right with Team Beauty and Wiley's Finest

Team Beauty believes there’s no better way to start your working morning than with a delicious and nutritional breakfast served up with a breathtaking view. Which is why we were delighted to be hosting our client, Wiley’s Finest Fish Oil’s media breakfast at London’s The Shard on Tuesday the 12th July.

What’s more, it wasn’t just any old breakfast, but one accompanied by The Super Foodist, Rick Hay who was on hand, like a healthy mixologist, to use Wiley’s Orange and Lemon flavoured oils to embellish the journalists’ teas and juices with a great tasting – fish taste free - nutritional boost.

In addition to adding his magic to the fare on offer, Rick dispensed his wisdom on the many health benefits of using Omega-3 in general and Wiley’s in particular, as its oils are sourced from the highest quality, sustainable, USA wild caught fish and its products exceed the world’s most stringent standards (including the Global Organization for EPA and DHA).

The key health press attending the event enjoyed listening to Rick over breakfast and questioning him extensively on nutrition, the importance of Omega-3, and on ways to incorporate more Omega-3 into our diets. As a special treat, Rick had also created some exclusive, tasty recipes for journalists to take home and try for themselves, all including the use of Wiley’s fruit flavoured Omega-3 oils. Journalists were also encouraged to try incorporating Wiley’s into their own recipes to create a family health boost without any fishy taste or smell apparent.

With Rick’s inspiration, Team Beauty is already on the case – adding Wiley’s Finest Fish Oils to our morning mash-ups in the office Nutribullet. Drop in and try one with us one morning!

To find out more about Wiley’s go to Wiley's Finest.


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