Carex | Hands Up For Hygiene Campaign


Carex briefed the Brandnation Health & Beauty PR Team to launch the national initiative ‘Hands Up For Hygiene’, promoting the importance of handwashing for children within schools and local communities.

Brandnation supported this campaign with a tiered PR approach highlighting the educational elements as a priority.

What We Did:

Regional school roadshow – Carex team visited schools around the country demonstrating how to wash hands and the importance of good hand hygiene, using interactive glitter gel (to demonstrate the germs) which glowed under a UV light. The kids loved it! Regional journalists were invited to their kid’s school to see first hand how easy it was to show the children how easy it was plus securing a great feature at the same time

Nationwide survey – created a consumer survey to launch the campaign, highlighting the results of poor hand hygiene resulting in time off from school and parents work too. The news grabbing headline resulted in an exclusive on national breakfast news, literally crashing the website on launch day!

We partnered with celebrity mum Nell McAndrew and organised regional editorial features with local schools.


We put our hands up for great coverage with a total media reach of 200 Million over the course of this 3 month campaign.

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