Revolupin | UK Launch


Health and saving the planet are big considerations but we’re also aware that protein is important as is increasing our daily intake of fibre – so brandnation were stoked to be invited, after a competitive 5-way pitch, to land the UK launch of Revolupin, an amazing new vegan superfood that is one of the world’s richest natural sources of both protein and fibre.


Revolupin lupin flakes consist of 100% Western Australian Lupin Kernels which are sustainably grown and packed in Western Australia. These little Aussie flakes come from the lupin bean, part of the legume family, which are specially processed to keep all the goodness intact whilst making the lupins easy to use in recipes. Versatile and tasty, Revolupin lupin flakes can be easily added to smoothies, museli, porridge, soups, stir fries , curries, cakes and more. They can be toasted, boiled or baked to create delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes that deliver a mighty protein and fibre punch.


There’s an argument that the word ‘superfood’ is a little overused, but in the case of Revolupin lupin flakes it is entirely justified as lupin flakes offer unrivalled nutritional benefits such as three times more protein than whole eggs; three times more protein than quinoa; three times more fibre and protein than oats; three times more potassium than bananas and twice the magnesium of spinach. Not only that, but Revolupin lupin flakes contain only 4% carbohydrate and are Gluten Free, GMO free and vegan friendly. In fact, a daily 40g serving of lupin flakes provides 34% NRV Protein and 49% NRV Fibre – good huh?


So what did Brandnation do for Revolupin? Well, we handled everything for the UK launch including designing and building the website; hosting a lupin cookery media and influencer masterclass; designing and producing a special lupin cook book; designing and producing all the promotional materials including an exhibition stand; producing a promotional video; undertaking product photography and delivering on-going launch PR and social media – was it successful? You bet – loads of positive coverage in key media (Metro, Cosmopolitan, The Telegraph) hailing it as the new superfood; championed by key health and well-being influencers as well as winning Women’s Health Best Superfood Award! Activity increased online sales as well as catching the attention of key new stockists nationwide.

“Quinoa, step aside – there’s a new pseudo-grain in town and it’s poised to take your crown. Lupin flakes, the wellness crowd’s new favourite” Cosmopolitan.

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