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On A Roll with Bumboo

As 2021 winds to a close, amongst other challenges, brands might take time to reflect on how in 2022 they will be more aligned in tackling climate change at a time when consumers more pro-actively expect eco-action from the brands they supportFor our Digital Marketing and Lifestyle Influencer clientleading toilet paper brand, Bumboo, sustainability and support of the community have been ingrained in its brand DNA from day oneSo, tmaximise and monetise this ethical stance, we created the successful ‘On A Roll’ campaign that was designed to influence all of us to ‘give a sheet’ by addressing the sustainability of our toilet rituals, as well as educating consumers about Bumboo’s ‘buy one, plant one’ initiative, together with a raft of community support activations. 

About Bumboo

Bumboo is on a mission to encourage people to live more sustainably, through everyday, simple lifestyle swaps. For its part, this innovative, forward-thinking lifestyle brand has created a practical, sustainable alternative to tree-based toilet tissue that supports and encourages consumers to live in greater harmony with the environment. Bumboo’s eco-friendly toilet paper rolls are made from 100% super-soft bamboo, one of the world’s fastestgrowing plants, offering an eco-friendly, rapidly renewable alternative to paper made from trees.  

The Campaign

Our Lifestyle PR and Digital Marketing teams aligned to tap into the motivations of Bumboo’s target consumers, and highlight a brand that’s vocal and practical in its support for the environment and community. The climate emergency, we knew, would weigh heavily on public consciousness as it dominated headlines. To make our ‘On A Roll’ campaign relevant, we adopted the concept that a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. So, our creative PR and lifestyle teamconcentrated on messaging that supported the idea that if we all do our small bit, together we can make a big environmental difference, with the added bonus that Bumboo is also dedicated to actively plant more trees, and to support communities – what other toilet roll could say the same? 

What We Did

By highlighting current environmental issues, and by maximising ‘noise’ around the run-up to Green Friday and COP26, our Lifestyle PR team successfully delivered key campaign messaging via targeting media titles with an interest in sustainability, as well as creating Bumboo brand profiling opportunities. 

As part of this integrated campaign, Brandnation also worked with a broad range of influencers within the lifestyle, parenting, and sustainable living sectors to deliver awareness of the key messages of the campaign, as well as the Bumboo story, and provide positive CTAs. Our ‘On A Roll’ campaign theme was then bought to life through the application of a wide variety of creative and social media content that was then amplified across PPC and Paid Social to drive awareness and interaction.   


To measure the real impact of the campaign, the performance team designed and built a ‘live’ Google Data Studio dashboard to measure the results across all digital channels. The campaign received over 2 million impressions, coverage across the board, including Country Living, and an average conversion rate of over 11%.  

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