Wiggle Gets You There

If you’re anything like us, you’re always chasing that next natural high…

We’re talking about endorphins, of course. 

Brandnation was tasked with bringing to life Wiggle’s first ever 
global brand campaign, Get There. The campaign line captures the 
feel-good emotions connected with exercise – encapsulating that
 familiar rush of pure, unadulterated euphoria as endorphins are
 released and pumped round the bloodstream.

We devised a PR plan to own that Get There moment and communicate to 
media and consumers that Wiggle can help you Get There.

The team commissioned a survey to reveal how long it takes the average
 Brit to reach that endorphin high from exercise. Interestingly, it
 only takes us 9 min 44 secs to experience that coveted state – that’s
 less time than it takes to decide what you’re going to watch next on 

We partnered with a leading sports psychologist to add expert insight 
to the finding to get media’s pulses racing. The psychologist coined
 the phrase “youphoria” as the term used to describe this mental

And, indeed, media wanted their own youphoria hit. Coverage came 
flooding in with countless hits such as The Independent, The Daily
 Telegraph, Mail Online, Yahoo News, COACH, Men’s Health, Healthista
 and Runner’s World.

The team also activated an influencer event programme, entitled 
#Wiggle6amSeries that encouraged the physically active to rise early 
and Get There. This was inspired by survey findings that revealed
 British folk are early risers when it comes to exercise. We executed 
an early morning London landmark run, micro-adventure and wild swim
 with influencers to generate buzz through social media.

The campaign reached over 4 Million and the #Wiggle6amSeries
 generated over 150,000 engagements.

That’s how you Get There.