Saucony Launches Bright Future


Awaken your run with the new Bright Future Running Collection from Saucony. “The Bright Future Collection’s vibrant colours will awaken every ounce of energy that lives within you, making every mile bolder, and every run more brilliant”.

For the launch, the Brandnation Sports PR team held a virtual masterclass for relevant, targeted media featuring not only the all-new Bright Future Running Collection, but also the Saucony Guide 14, Kinvara 12, Peregrine 11 Collection, Canyon TR, and the Hurricane 23.


In advance of the event, each attendee was provided with two shoes from the range that were unique to their running style. By gifting them pre-event they were able to put the shoes through their paces, and start to generate coverage (most importantly) and also provide product feedback during the launch Q&A session – adding to the interactive nature of the event.

Given that the session took place on Tuesday 16th Feb, we couldn’t do it without pancakes, so all recipients received their very own PB pancake mix to create pancakes pre or post event!

The Virtual Event:

Building on the previous success of February’s Ride 13 masterclass that the Brandnation Sports PR team also organised, key running journalists from the national, consumer and specialist media were provided with an hour of interactive product insight. During the session, the attendees were given an exclusive behind-the-scenes insight into Saucony’s revolutionary running tech, the Saucony Run For Good ethos and unique and invaluable pro-training input from Saucony and Team GB Coach, Nick Anderson.


The event was a huge success, with 14 attendees ranging from national, specialist and consumer publications, including T3, The Times, Evening Standard, and Women’s Health.

“A really enjoyable event, I look forward to putting the trainers to the test this weekend!” Evening Standard.