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BRIEF - Full Marketing Programme 

Create the branding, website and advertising for Newens Tea Houses – a new, global food and beverage franchise based in Malaysia and based on the recipes and traditions of Newens – an historic British tea house based in Kew.

RESULTS - Successful International Launch Of New Retail Concept

The first Newens Tea House opened to success and acclaim in 2015, winning rave media reviews. The concept will now be rolled out internationally.

The design and marketing approach pitched and executed by Brandnation was based on traditional values that combined a retro feel and a modern twist - staying true to the quirky, renowned original Newens.

We Covered

Photography & Video
Social Media

new2530 Newens Elevator Digital Slides v1
new2530 Newens Elevator Digital Slides v1b2
new2530 Newens External Billboard v1a