Brandnation bags Horizn brief


Luxury luggage brand, Horizn Studios, has appointed london-based integrated digital marketing agency, Brandnation to handle its Global Influencer Marketing strategy and campaign after an extensive competitive pitch process.  

The brief

Working to deliver a standout social media campaign from Europe through to the USA, Brandnation will be responsible for delivering a comprehensive, ‘always on’ creative lifestyle influencer marketing strategy. Brandnation’s remit will include paid ambassador campaigns supported by an organic seeding outreach.

The campaign will support Horizn Studios’ existing digital activities, building positive awareness, engagement, and sales, with a focus on new and emerging markets. 

Let’s go further

Brandnation has kicked off its global influencer campaign for Horizn Studios, by focussing on key styles for the season ahead. Concentrating on Gen Z and young millennials, the brand hopes to capture the spirt of adventure, that’s synonymous with the brand’s key message: Let’s Go. Further.

The campaign involves working with several credible and authentic content creators, who can provide aspirational content across travel, fashion, and urban adventures. 

The appointment

Mary Killingworth, Brandnation’s Managing Director says, “This is another great win for our rapidly growing influencer team. More and more we are working with enlightened brands such as HORIZN Studios, that whilst appreciating the power of influencers, also require an underlying creative strategy and coherent campaign theme to add targeted measurable brand value that also maximises investment in existing multi-channel marketing activities.” 

Horizn Studios, founded in 2015, are pioneers of travel and have disrupted the luggage industry to pave the way forward for sustainable, vegan-approved products.

Horizn envisages a world where people travel with ease, constantly broaden their horizons and together, build sustainable solutions for the future of our planet.

Their mission is to enable curious minds to travel the world and overcome boundaries, seek and implement solutions for a sustainable future. 

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