Brand Consistency: How It Works & Why It’s So Important

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Whether you sing along to the iconic ‘Did Somebody Say’ Just Eat ad or you have just purchased your next set of Gymshark leggings. These game changing brand giants have been built through consistent delivery of assets and communication across all digital marketing channels. 

Whether you’re “Lovin’ It” or “Just Do (ing) It”, when it comes to building a brand, here are some tips for you to consider.

Brand guidelines: Establishing a clear set of brand guidelines that outlines tone of voice, logo, typeface, and colours. Guidelines then can be distributed across the business.

Brand message: To develop a brand message that ensures consistency across all consumer touchpoints. Core messages should cover brand value, brand purpose, and brand mission as well as unique propositions. 

Amplification: Once the brand messaging has been built, they then need to be implemented across all channels (digital, PR, website, and e-commerce, plus broadcast and media).  

Why is brand consistency important?

Don’t leave your brand open to (mis)interpretation. Developing consistency shapes how a brand is perceived externally. Therefore, the same feelings should be felt by the consumer no matter the route they take to access your brand. Brand touchpoints should be unified and brand experiences for both potential and existing consumers fully aligned. 

Consumers don’t want to be let down by a bad experience, particularly multiple bad experiences. As a result, consumers that have negative perceptions of a brand will not return. 

By maintaining a consistent brand voice and message, prospective and current consumers will turn into a loyal community of followers and fans.  It is also important that this brand voice is communicated consistently across all channels, including PR and Influencer.

Consistent branding examples:

Airbnb: “Storytelling is at the heart of everything we do. Airbnb is a community of guests and hosts, and people love Airbnb for each experience this offers. Telling our host stories are our first approach to creating a campaign.” 

Netflix: “Netflix and Chill”. Netflix has created a powerful brand identity that has revolutionised TV experiences through high quality content, which has created a plethora of followers. 

Gymshark: This gymwear brand has taken the social media world by storm, transforming its community into brand advocates. As a result, they have leveraged social to create a community of gym goers.

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