Making strides with Europe’s footwear market leader

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Brandnation has been working with Deichmann, Europe’s largest footwear retailer, for over three years.

Deichmann briefed our Social Media agency team on the creation of a campaign that would ensure brand reach within the UK. As a result of buying shopping habits, the campaign would account for this market fluctuation.

The lockdown proved to be great for online sales, and so maximising its potential was critical for success.

Our approach

Our footwear marketing team expertly activated a data-driven Always On and Campaign-led approach. The aim is to achieve agreed KPIs and sales. Utilising defined UTM parameters to allow for full-funnel attribution. In order for us to increase reach, our strategy contained both defined detailed targeting and Dynamic Creative ads.

In addition, the team also used value-based lookalike audiences and GDPR-compliant retargeting audiences. Demographics were defined with Deichmann’s core followership in mind. Therefore, primarily targeting those with an interest in fashion and lifestyle. To ensure the best ROAS the marketing agency allocated spend dynamically across all ads, taking into account audience size and reach.


The right shoe, partnered with the right paid social strategy really can get your brand a step ahead. Our footwear marketing campaign made a great impression with the ads showing over 2 million times, and delivering a ROAS of 17:1!

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