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The Columbia Hike Society’s aim is to insert itself into hike culture to drive relevance amongst its target audience.

We were tasked with creating a brand moment that united hikers across the country through a shared experience in the outdoors. 

Tapping into festival culture, we wanted to make the hills come alive with the sound of music, launching the UK’s most remote gig. 

The Idea

Brandnation activated a mountain gig, billed as the UK’s most remote, challenging hikers and music fans to get lost in the music – quite literally. 

The Off-Grid Gig, part of Columbia Hike Society’s HikeFest, a new festival of hiking, launched a series of over 40 free hikes across the UK during Summer 2024. 

Its aim was to inspire Brits to travel to and explore some of the UK’s most beautiful locations. 

Hikers were required to climb deep into Snowdonia mountains before reaching a natural amphitheatre where an intimate, acoustic gig took place. 

The event was hosted by the Columbia Hike Society in partnership with Sofar Sounds. The hiking community and global music movement joined forces in a bid to showcase the connection of music and the great outdoors. 

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