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mclaren f1 driver wearing sungod sunglasses


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F1’s popularity has grown at lightning speed in recent years, with more eyes than ever watching the drama unfold, largely attributed to the success of Netflix’s behind-the-scenes series, Drive to Survive.
With this, SunGod eyed an opportunity to infiltrate the sport – securing a landmark partnership with fellow British brand and legendary motorsport brand, McLaren.

The brands joined forces in the pursuit of excellence – with innovation at its heart. It was Brandnation’s task to capitalise on this opportunity and introduce SunGod to McLaren and F1 fans around the world.

mclaren f1 driver wearing sungod sunglasses

The idea

As a new player in the F1 world, Brandnation focused on bringing SunGod to where the F1 community existed, from mainstream media to social fan accounts.
Messaging was emphasised around the unique position they were in as a British brand supporting a British racing team, with British driver Lando Norris as their shining star.

Together, SunGod and Norris co-designed a series of limited edition sunglasses launched around key races in the F1 calendar – including Miami, Monaco and Silverstone.

Our attention focused on the design story, shared principles and innovation to help build a fanbase around SunGod in motorsport.

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