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The brief from the brand was to deliver high impact earned media and influencer content and support the St. Moriz seasonal product SKUs.  St. Moriz wanted to run a campaign that would actively contribute to breaking stereotypes by fostering a more inclusive and positive image within the self-tan industry… introducing the Ready to Glow campaign.

The idea

The campaign aim was to empower individuals to be themselves and inspire them to do whatever makes them feel confident, shaking off the vanity attached to self-tan. Brandnation worked with the St. Moriz team to carefully select authentic influencers and creators who would bring to life the Ready to Glow campaign messaging, whilst resonating with the St. Moriz audience. These creators together with the St Moriz ambassadors created content that showcased their own confidence.

To amplify the messaging, we secured interview time with our brand ambassadors including Demi Jones on some of the leading online nationals, including the Daily Mail and The Sun, supported by key reviews in the likes of SheerLuxe, heatworld and Glamour – with a total campaign reach of over 400million. Our ambassadors had the opportunity to tell their stories in an authentic way and discuss why they’ve teamed up with St. Moriz and what tanning means to them and their inner confidence – repositioning self-tan as an armour, rather than a mask.

Underpinning this activity, the Brandnation PR team were tasked to secure high profile earned media about the campaign focusing on key messaging and product ranges in national and consumer media. 

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