Slinger Bag | Global Launch


Anyone for tennis? The industry has heated up in 2020 with the arrival of a new kid on the block.

Whilst the old guard on the pro Tour might still be monopolizing Grand Slam titles – activity behind the scenes has been shaken up with the arrival of the disruptive Slinger Bag – the world’s most versatile tennis ball launcher.

A tennis tech start-up launched this year – the Slinger Bag raised $1 million through its Kickstarter campaign – making it the most successful sports-based campaign in the platform’s history. Slinger Bag’s vision is to stimulate increased participation across all ball sports by making these sports more accessible for players and fans, irrespective of age or ability.

As a result of the agency’s racquet sport expertise, Brandnation was briefed by tennis start-up Slinger Bag to provide an international press office function alongside an extensive, global influencer programme to launch its innovative ball launcher.

What We Did

The Slinger Bag had created a revolutionary, portable ball launcher for tennis players of all abilities, offering a 24/7 training partner that ensures you will never have to miss a day of practice again. In a period when training in self-isolation is essential Slinger provides the solution. The stage was set for Brandnation to make an impact, it was time to get to work.

Captalising on the agency’s influencer network, the agency identified over 100 tennis-loving influencers across the world – enlisting their help to create international hype within tennis circles. Brandnation partnered with influencers, from pros to micro-influencers. such as Functional Tennis, Jamie Murray, Kevin Anderson and Makenzie Raine to build interest and excitement – as they created engaging content showing the disruptive product in action.


The team also masterminded an international press office, landing a raft of big-hitting editorial across both sides of the Atlantic. Coverage included ace write-ups in The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian in the UK and taking advantage of the Championship winnin’, chest bumpin’, Slinger Bag usin’ tennis legends, the Bryan Brothers with Slinger interviews in the New York Times and Forbes.

The hype generated from the launch campaign hit the sweet spot. Following its unveiling, there has been a unprecendented and sustained global demand for the Slinger Bag – exceeding order forecasts from Japan to the UK. The activity has also helped build momentum with investors and other stakeholders as the brand eyes significant international growth in the coming year.

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