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Let’s face it, everyone loves Soreen, right? We can’t get enough of the squidgy good stuff.

So it was our pleasure to be asked to support the launch of the new Soreen Lift Bar, which is naturally occurring in vitamin B12 – helping fight fatigue.

Soreen were on an uplifting quest to target a Gen Z and millennial audience to communicate the mood-boosting goodness of the Lift Bar through PR and influencer marketing.

The idea

Nothing gives us a lift like a well-executed compliment.

And if you want compliments, you need to invite the King. So we hooked up with comedian, TikTok star and compliment connoisseur Troy Hawke of Greeters Guild fame to put compliments back on the menu.

We sent Troy out on a mission to uplift the folk of Manchester, the home of Soreen, to sample the new Lift Bar and expertly deliver the product’s key messages.

The activity was underpinned with paid and organic TikTokers who helped spread further joy.

The campaign was integrated with PR – commissioning a study which unveiled the nation’s compliment habits and offering media the opportunity to master the art of giving a compliment through interviews with Troy.

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