Trail 2032


How do you bring mainstream relevance to trail running in 2024?

Hmm? There is something rather big happening in Summer.

It’s the return of the World’s biggest sporting spectacle – the Olympics. But, whilst it’s a global celebration of human endeavour, there is something missing. 

Trail running continues to be overlooked as an Olympic discipline. In fact, 2024 marks a centenary since running off-road was last an Olympic sport at Paris 1924.

Through mobilising the international trail running community, we were on the trail to set things right. 


The Idea

We launched a campaign to bring trail running back to the Olympics. Partnering with four UK run crews, we challenged them to trail run 455km from London to Paris to call for the sport’s return to the Olympic programme. 

As part of the campaign, we penned an open letter to the IOC, International Trail Running Association, and Brisbane 2031 to instigate action. 

Trail 2032 came to life through earned media, community engagement, content and paid media across Meta and display advertising. 

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