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Strategic PR support in line with the brand’s packed marketing schedule to complement its content and get Lonsdale products, events and sponsored boxing talent into target media. Create and manage brand initiatives, events and associations to elevate the brand profile.


Increasing the iconic fighting brand’s PR coverage by 35% year on year, Brandnation executed a targeted campaign of photoshoots, video assignments and high-profile events including a 50th anniversary celebration, a boxing themed London Fashion Week collaboration with James De Gale and a gym-based challenge featuring pro boxers Carl Froch, James De Gale and Tony ‘Jaffa’ Jefferies.

Complementing the brand’s extension into all forms of fight sports and fitness, Brandnation also planned and hosted numerous media events including the opening of the Lonsdale Fightzone in Lillywhite's, the launch of a special Help for Heroes range and PA's with Mike Tyson, James De Gale and Joe Calzaghe.

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"Brandnation truly understands our brand and what it takes to keep it at the forefront of fight sports."

Brand Manager, Lonsdale

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