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Brandnation was tasked to launch Nike’s Victory Swim Collection. Nike’s innovative swimwear collection included tunic tops, swim leggings, and a hijab, for women seeking full coverage without sacrificing movement and to start a conversation around modesty and inclusion.

We wanted to bring to light the barriers faced by Muslim women in relation to sport, with a focus on swimming. Nike’s new powerful performance swimwear was a brilliant starting point for this conversation, working with a powerful grassroots partner such as The Muslim Sisterhood.

woman posing by swimming pool wearing nike swim swimwear

The idea

Working with Media and influencers, Brandnation highlighted this collaboration and the issues they were addressing together – as the partnership explored how clothing impacted the accessibility of sport for Muslim Women, and how this affected Nike’s Victory Collection design processes.

We delivered an intimate panel talk in Central London, hosted by Nike’s ambassador, Nesrine Dally. The panel talk was supported by the Muslim Sisterhood and a panel of influential, high-profile Muslim women, who worked across sports and creative industries. The conversations at the event provided a powerful insight into what the barriers were to swimming, the importance of modest clothing, and what the collection meant to them.

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